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Date: 11/1/2002

Re: Privacy Policy for's website

Welcome to, the privacy policy.


This policy covers information collected by the

Customer Information:  Information is collected at the time of a sale, including our free plans in order  in order to complete the transaction, the sale and to deliver the products.  Customer lists are not not sold or distributed to third parties ever.

We use these customer lists to send upgrade and enhancement announcements, newsletters etc. for and from our own partner websites which are the following but not limited to this list but not any 3rd party lists ever.

Credit Card Transactions:   Credit Card transactions are kept secure by:

  SSL Certificate-Click here for more details <--Click the image to validate it.   

A professional payment authorization service was chosen for added security and reliability.   Information from these transactions is not released to third parties. does not maintain a copy of the credit card information on its servers except for purchase price, date, name of purchaser.

Information About Children: does not attempt to collect personal information from children.    Note that cannot always determine that a user is a child. does not maintain databases about children.

Web Site Log Files:  We site log files are generated that collect the IP Address of the visitor, date, time, and pages visited.  Aggregate reports for web site visitors are generated that do not contain personally identifiable information.

Advertising reports are generated that show the IP addresses of visitors who clicked on ads.  This information may be sent to the advertiser to confirm the number of "click-throughs."  The advertiser normally already has this information as a result of the user clicking on the advertisement.  No additional information about the visitor is supplied to the advertiser.  The log files are eventually deleted.

Cookies:  Internet 'cookies' are used just to identify if the is the very first time going to   If it is, then they get directed to our Multi-media page, if not, then they are directed to our home page.

These cookies remain on the user's system and are automatically retrieved when a user visits at a later time.

No Third Party Downloads:  No Images, files, or cookies are downloaded from third party servers except for Java.Web.Start from Sun Computers.  

External Linking:  The logging of clicks for external links using "redirects" is only done for advertisements. This is indicated by link to a URL such as '/redirect.asp?url= ...'  The external URL is clearly marked in the "url=" portion.   

Mailing Lists: may maintain subscription mailing lists.    

User Registration: sites do not require user registration to access content at the on our Free Plan's.

The restrictions on the dissemination of personal information are not subject to change.  The policy is updated occasionally but the changes will not reduce the privacy protection of visitors.  If there are changes made in the future the changes will not affect information already collected.

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